How Can Maverick Aerial Photography Help Increase Your Sales, Build Your Customer List & Close The Deal?

Welcome my friend! We appreciate your business and we want to say thank you for visiting our drone service website! My name is Rick Borrows and we help capture your client's & customer's attention so they stay focused on doing business with YOU. Our drone photography / videography help persuade your clients & customers to see why doing business with YOU is the way it should always be. By telling a visual story that positions YOU as the authority in your area of expertise.

Maverick Aerial Photography LLCWe know your clients are looking to buy a home in a safe residential neighborhood, we give them what they want by showing how well-maintained houses are and how the cleanliness of streets make it very inviting for people who like taking an afternoon walk through their neighborhood.



commercial drone photographyWe know businesses love to network with other local businesses. Our drone photographs provide stunning high rise views, revealing easy access to nearby highways, restaurants and public parks.




3D Volumetric DataWe know construction companies love to monitor cut and clean dirt removal. Our drones have the technology to create interactive 3D maps for volumetric and lateral data. Access to your 3D map is through a link you can click on and immediately interact with from your tablet or mobile device.


This is VERY powerful and will help make sales and closing more deals MUCH FASTER & EASIER!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are drones legal?” Yes, drones are legal here in the United States and we are licensed by the FAA along with private insurance up to $5 million dollars to fly commerically here in America!
“How far can you safely fly your drones and still maintain control of them?” All of our drones are setup to a maximum height of 400 feet off the ground & to stay within visual line of sight of our operators. We operate under the FAA's Part 107 drone laws and make a continuous effort to improve drone photography.
“Why use a drone service? Why can't I just take pictures by myself?” Drone photography clarifies your message by getting your client to imagine living in a safe neighborhood, upgrading their growing company to a bigger building, or having an accurate 3D Map of volumetric data for cut and clean dirt removal. Or perhaps construction has been going so well, you want a monthly photo to track your progress!

Also, the time consuming hazards of climbing a ladder to do a roof inspection are no longer a problem with fast dependable drone photos whether a squirrel builds a cozy nest inside of a chimney, soaking up all the home owner's time, money and HEAT! Or you're simply making sure all is well where the customer is not routinely checking up on.

Rick Borrows FAA Drone PilotMaverick Aerial Photography is here to help you clarify the daunting problems that most people are simply unaware of!
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