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We Help Business Owners Tap Into Their Clients/Customers “Buying Brain” by Our Drone Services.

Maverick Aerial Photography

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Professional Drone Services to Help You
Close More Sales or Solve Big Problems

Give your clients / customers what they want by immersing them back into their feelings & desires with the help of our drone services. We will showcase YOUR product, service or opportunity as THE solution to their problems.

Residential Home Real Estate

Sell the safe neighborhood everyone wants to live in. Draw people's attention to how well maintained, clean and safe the streets are. This is a must-have for wealthy home buyers with families.

Commercial Business Real Estate

Reveal convenient property locations, easy access to nearby highways & views you'll get from high rise buildings. Selectively sell to your business clients, wealthy real estate friends, or the quality tenants searching for apartments with a great location & great views.

Construction Site Progress

Track the visual bi-weekly or monthly progress of your construction project to showcase your work when managers want an update.


Chimney or Roof Inspections

Get close up details for quick visual inspections or locate the nest of a squirrel sucking up all the heat. Send in the drone when it's not safe to climb up ladder or time is of the essence.


Orthomosaic & Aerial Surveys

Get an up to date map that reveals accurate details of your property that Google Maps hasn't updated in years. Receive the precise area, volume and distance with incredible details all at your fingertips.


3D Maps for Volumetric Data

Acquire the volume of dirt on site for cut and clean removal. Accurately predict how much road salt you have left for the winter season.


Residential Real Estate Photography

By Rick Borrows

Photo: Westport, MA

Marsh Lands Photography

By Rick Borrows

Photo: Marsh Lands, Westport, MA

Beautiful Scenery

By Rick Borrows

Photo: Swift Current Lake, Montana

Unique Aerial Photography

By Rick Borrows

Photo: Braga Bridge, Fall River, MA

Pricing for Drone Services

Who Is Rick Borrows?

Rick is a die-hard born again Christian whose love for Jesus Christ is what drives him every single day to serve the needs of his clients and customers. His love of photography came shortly after a routine eye exam for a job interview. After the test, the eye doctor looked at his charts and replied, “Son, you have exceeded my eye exam and my charts can't go any higher. I'm giving you a score of 20/13 vision!”

This came completely by surprise to him and he didn't know what to do next. Prayer has always been a cornerstone in Rick's life, so he turned to God to figure out what he should be doing with his incredible eye sight. Within weeks, someone had purchased a small camera for him and by Christmas, he was given a better camera to photograph the Adirondacks in Upstate NY.

After 10 years of photography, Rick found himself watching a review about a great little drone for YouTubers. It was this video where Rick's eyes were open to drone photography where it all began! Thanks Matt! He has since migrated heavily over to the FPV world of drones and LOVES drone mapping, orthomosaics, and making videos on his YouTube Channel Drone Maverick.

Rick is now an FAA licensed & insured drone pilot who wakes up every single day knowing exactly who he is and what he wants in life!

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